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Name: Li
Date of Birth: May 2018
Gender: Female
Arrival Date at Dew Drops: July 2018

My name is Li and I was born with esophageal atresia and a heart defect. I was abandoned in a baby hatch at my orphanage and taken to a local hospital that was unable to do my surgery. So my orphanage contacted Dew Drops Little Flower for help. I was brought to Beijing, had surgery and am now recovering. I probably need a further ENT surgery once I am a little bigger. I love to run around and climb up all the things I am not allowed to! I enjoy attending the Dew Drops Classroom and I am learning a lot. In May 2021, I was given a hearing aids, I hope this will help me learn to speak more. Would you like to be part of my story – please consider sponsoring me!

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