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Dew Drops was founded on June 1st, 2016. In 2017, Dew Drops registered as a civil non-profit organization with the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. Shortly after, Ms. Hai Qing, a well-known actress, became our Ambassador for Public Welfare. We are honored to have her as a representative.


Mission: To build a new life for at risk children born with medical needs from orphanages and impoverished families. 

Vision: We hope every child can have a future and experience the power of love.  



To provide comprehensive services including medical support and post-operative treatment to orphans and children from poor families. Further, Dew Drops provides health-care training and guidance to partner organizations and families in order to benefit more children.

In China, most abandoned children are born with medical issues and disabilities. Despite being rejected, these children are the same as any other children and deserve a chance at life. If timely effective treatment is not provided, these children can suffer from adverse effects for the rest of their lives. This is why Dew Drops partners with local government-run orphanages to provide a future to children.


Beijing Medical Care Center

Children are sent to Beijing for consults, medical diagnoses, in-patient treatments, and surgery. Dew Drops’ trained caregivers accompany each child through all these appointments and also provide one-on-one care while the child is hospitalized. After receiving medical care, each child returns to one of Dew Drops Children’s Homes located inside an orphanage.



Dew Drops Children’s Homes

Specialized daily care, rehabilitation, therapy, and education are all provided at the Dew Drops Children’s Homes inside of orphanages. The Dew Drops Children’s Homes are a cooperation between the Shun Feng Foundation and Dew Drops. We currently have homes established inside orphanages in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia.


In these homes, we hire caregivers to work 24/7, providing specialized care to children that have recently had medical treatment or need ongoing treatment. We also have established a Family Model of Care program inside these homes, where children are placed in small family units. The idea is to model a typical family unit with parents, sisters, and brothers. Each family has their own space inside the orphanage. The parents cook meals for the children every day. This model of care provides the children with the opportunity to have nurturing relationships that are critical for development, self-esteem, social competency, and communication skills.


Classroom of Smiles

Each of the Dew Drops Children’s Homes also has a “Dew Drops Classroom of Smiles”, our own education program which provides children opportunities to learn and develop in a nurturing environment. Activities include cooking, arts and crafts, music, and story time.


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