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Specialized daily care, rehabilitation, therapy, and education are all provided at the Dew Drops Children’s Homes inside of orphanages. The Dew Drops Children’s Homes are a cooperation between the Shun Feng Foundation and Dew Drops. We currently have homes established inside orphanages in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia.


In these homes, we hire caregivers to work 24/7, providing specialized care to children that have recently had medical treatment or need ongoing treatment. We also have established a Family Model of Care program inside these homes, where children are placed in small family units. The idea is to model a typical family unit with parents, sisters, and brothers. Each family has their own space inside the orphanage. The parents cook meals for the children every day. This model of care provides the children with the opportunity to have nurturing relationships that are critical for development, self-esteem, social competency, and communication skills.

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