Zhen Hua

Name: Zhen Hua
Date of Birth: October 2013
Gender: Male
Arrival Date at Dew Drops: June 2016

My name is Zhen Hua and my caregivers call me Hua Hua. I was born with bladder exstrophy and anal atresia. Due to these conditions, I have already had many difficult surgeries and I recently had surgery to fix my bladder extrophy condition. Despite all this, I am quite a happy kid and I love to smile! I like to keep myself busy and get to my destinations quickly. I no longer need help eating food, as I can now feed myself during meal time. I don’t really speak much yet, but I do understand a lot.  If you sponsor me, you will be able to see how I grow and become a big boy. Since November 2017, I have been living in a foster home in Beijing.


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