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Ping An

Little Ping An was born with a number of ENT problems and struggled in the NICU for several months with serious respiratory issues before doctors decided a trach was the best option for him. During this time, his parents fought bravely by his side, hoping and believing he would one day be healthy enough to come home. Last October he was finally able to discharge from the hospital, so his family transferred him to our Family Support unit so that they could learn to care for him. Unfortunately, he was readmitted shortly after, and his parents faced the possibility of additional, long term issues that they were not prepared to deal with. They felt overwhelmed and despairing, not sure whether they could go on. We supported them as best we could, encouraging them to see him as their son regardless of his problems.

In April 2017, the family came back to our Family Support unit for further checks and treatment. In addition to the medical care he is receiving while with us, we connected this family to our physical therapists who helps the parents learn how to provide therapy for their boy. Although Ping An has a long journey ahead, his parents feel more confident in providing him care and love.

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