Yue, All Grown Up!

At the Dew Drops homes, we have the joy of watching babies grow and achieve milestones regularly. We witness children learning to hold their heads up, take their first steps, say their first words…. each child is surrounded by love through all these steps.

Our nannies play a vital role in the nurture and love each child receives. We often see children start to imitate the actions of their nannies, from patting a little baby when she cries to repeating common words that the nanny says.

One Wednesday morning, after days of observing her nanny, Yue decided to help out with the laundry! She is a determined little girl and even though the drying rack was a little too tall for her, she stood on her tip toes to reach. It is such a joy to see a child like Yue blossom over the years into such such a helpful, playful girl with her entire future ahead of her.

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