World Down Syndrome Day 2018!

Today, March 21st, Little Flower joins the rest of the world in celebrating World Down syndrome day. The date, 3/21, represents the trisomy on the 21st chromosome and the cause of Down syndrome. Today, especially, we would like to highlight how awesome our 9 kiddos with Down syndrome are! Each day we see how their extra chromosome does not limit them!

Meet our oldest, Qi! Qi is actually very new to our project. He was abandoned at birth by his family and then raised by another family. Sadly, that family abandoned him when he was 10 years old. Now he is 12 years old and about to have surgery on a very complicated heart defect. Even though his life has been difficult, he speaks very well and takes good care of himself. He is quite social and great at making friends!

Jin is five years old and she is in our older child room in Inner Mongolia. Gao Jin is a sweet little girl who loves playing with her older siblings. She especially loves looking in the mirror and making silly faces! We are working closely with Gao Jin on her speech skills, but her snuggles and happy giggles show us she has a language of her own!

Ze is a feisty 2.5-year-old! He was born with a heart defect that was surgically corrected. He loves to suck on his hand and roll around on the mat. He has started to crawl and is tolerating sitting up more and more. Kai Ze loves to listen to music and to be tickled by his adoring caregivers. He also is a big fan of snack time!

Yan is our funny little two-year old! She had a heart defect that was surgically corrected last summer and now she is fully recovered! Yan is extremely smart and a master imitator and loves to copy exactly what everyone is doing. Her favorite imitation is putting lotion on her face. Mei Yan keeps a big smile on everyone’s faces!

Yu is our sweet one-year-old princess. She came to our home with a heart defect and failure to thrive. She has had some intestinal issues since then but is on the path to prime health! Yu is so well natured and very observant. She loves to be held and look up into her caregiver’s eyes. She is doing very well with tummy time and is able to sit up for longer amounts of time than ever before.

Gu is one of our newer toddlers with Down syndrome. She is two years old! Gu loves to have her feet tickled and is very protective of her toys. She is very independent and if you get in her way you may find yourself with a little nip.

Huai is our one-year-old buddy in our Shanxi home. He was born with anal atresia, but has completed all of his surgeries. He is doing very well now! Huai Huai loves to dance and scoot around on his tummy. Anytime he hears any tune or someone singing, his head starts bobbing to the beat! When he is tired from dancing you can find him all cuddled up with his favorite care givers.

Xiu is our tiny 5-month old fighter! At the end of 2017 he was barely holding on to life due to a heart defect. After his open heart surgery, his health improved greatly. He is still on his cardiac medicine but is continuously getting stronger. He loves to be held and is slowly starting to return his caregiver’s smiles!

Hao is another new baby. He is two months old. He is currently in the ICU on CPAP after a successful heart surgery to correct his VSD. We haven’t quite gotten to know this precious little one yet but we are all excited for him to come home from the hospital!

As you can see these eight little ones bring so much joy into the lives of everyone in the Little Flower projects. We are so excited to be able to participate in a day that advocates for the rights, inclusion and well being of all people with Down syndrome!

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