What a Delicious Morning!

Play time this morning was more than just play. Not only did the children have a lot of fun in the play area, they also got to cook some delicious yogurt buns!

The children were all in a cheeky mood this morning. Dan Yi absolutely loved riding the toy horse, while Bei Bei and Jin Yang were having the time of their lives running around the new toy castle. Who can blame them, the castle has a slide! Play time is such a treasured time of the day for the children. They get to roam around and learn so many different things, either through playing with different toys or reading the many books we have here at Dew Drops. Play time is also a great opportunity for volunteers and caregivers to interact with the children and to track their physical and intellectual development. Today, for example, it was clear that Mao Fei has recovered from the cold that plagued him last week, as he couldn’t stop smiling at everyone!

Then, after playing for a while, our outreach program officer Jia Jia announced that she was going to cook some sweet yogurt buns. Everyone got very excited and children from both the Family Support Project and the Orphan Care unit quickly came running to the play table where the cooking was taking place. Jia Jia mixed in all the ingredients and the children helped to knead the dough. We kneaded the dough into nice round shapes and put them into the oven. Before long, hot golden buns came out of the oven and onto everyone’s plate. The buns were extra tasty because everyone helped making them. And yes, they were demolished in no time!


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