Walks with the Toddlers

One of our favorite activities with the toddlers in Miao Miao Room is to go for walks. There are currently 8 children in this room, all between the ages of 2 and 3 years old. At this stage of development, they have a lot of energy and curiosity, so being outdoors with plenty of space for them to run around burns out their excess energy. And they can also see, touch, smell, and maybe even taste things they come across along the way. So, what exactly does a walk with the toddlers look like? Let us show you.

First, we form a line together. This “caterpillar” or “choo choo train” is not only fun for the kids but also helps us make sure we all stay together.

Second, we stop a lot on our walk observe everything around us! We say the name of objects and the children repeat the words. We talk about the color, the size, the texture, and anything else we can say about the object. It’s a great way for toddlers to learn new vocabulary and be exposed to new things. Today, we came across some leaves and twigs.

Third, we let the kids gather any objects they find along the way and explore the space themselves. Usually, this involves one of the children calling their friends over to show them what they found!

Fourth, we find a shaded place for everyone to sit down and rest for a bit.

Finally, when it’s time for lunch, we make another “caterpillar” and head back home!

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