It’s time for… Volcanic Eruptions!

Today in our “Let’s Share a Good Time Together” classroom, the kids got to put on their scientist hats and created their very own volcanic eruptions! They learnt about chemical reactions and had heaps of fun in the process.

Led by our volunteer Mary Claire, children from both the Family Support Project and Orphan Care unit gathered around in the play area with empty plastic bottles in hand. In total there were eleven children. With the help of our volunteers the children drew colored lines on brown paper that resembled lava flowing out of erupting volcanoes. They then made their own volcanoes by wrapping the paper around the bottles.

Now it’s time for the volcanic eruptions! The children first put in the bottles some washing detergent, and then added warm water and baking soda. Finally, the volunteers added a touch of vinegar to each of the bottles and everyone awaited with bated breath. Before long, bubbles started to erupt from the plastic bottles! The children were so excited that they couldn’t stop laughing and clapping.

After all the excitement subsided, Mary Claire explained to the children the chemistry behind their erupting volcanoes. She explained the reaction between acid (vinegar) and base (baking soda), and how the magical bubbles were formed (washing detergent). So not only did the children have a blast, but they also learnt a bit of science along the way.

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