Time for Solid Food!

Transitioning between a bottle and solid food can be stressful, but it also opens the door to endless nutritional options! One of our children, Yang, started this transition much later than usual because he was born with a cleft lip and palate.

Before having his second surgery to correct his cleft palate, Yang had to drink milk from a special bottle that had a valve inside of the nipple. After this surgery, Yang transitioned to using a spoon-like nipple on his bottle, to protect his newly constructed palate. Everyday he watched his “brothers and sisters” enjoying foods like apples, bananas, yogurt, rice and noodles and he started to get jealous of the variety of food they had.

The month may have passed by slowly for Yang, but soon his palate was healed enough to start eating solid foods with a spoon. First he ate only yogurt, but eventually, he caught up to everyone else’s diet. Yang’s favorite is noodles!

After Yang began to eat more and more noodles, he saw that his other brothers and sisters could feed themselves with a spoon, so we began to work on that with Yang. His coordination isn’t great yet, but he loves holding the spoon and guiding it to his mouth! Lunch time was a little messier, but definitely more full of smiles!



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