Time is Running Out!

I’m afraid we are running out of time, I want to give you a hug,
until your breathing returns to normal,
until you are stable again, until I have used all my ability to help you.

For you, I am willing to silently wait,
even if the pink leaves your face,
even if your vision becomes blurry and even if your breathing is unsteady.

But don’t give up yet, we can make it together.
Even though your parents gave you up,
you still have me and I will fight for you with all my strength.

When I am with you it is really quite miraculous,
I forget the whole world outside.

If you can’t make it and you leave our world,
your beautiful smile will always be remembered in my heart
I’m afraid we are running out of time, but I really want to hold you once more.

Don’t give up yet. We can make it together,
until your heart has fully recovered,
your face is pink again and your breathing is back to normal.

This beautiful girl’s name is Wen Yi, which means art in Chinese. After she was born, it was discovered that she has a congenital heart condition, so at just a few days old she was abandoned in a “baby hatch.” Despite her heart failing and difficulty breathing, she still did not forget how to smile! She is now just two months old, but due to her multiple heart defects, her growth has been stunted and her condition continues to decline. She was recently hospitalized and waits for a full diagnosis so she undergo surgery.

Will you consider supporting this sweet girl? We need to raise funds for her surgery. I’m afraid we are running out of time.

Wen Yi Fighting!


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