The Stoma Club

Throughout life, there are many different opportunities to join clubs to participate in activities that you enjoy. Clubs are also an outlet for socialization with people of similar interests. For example, there are badminton clubs, book clubs, knitting clubs and cooking clubs. But have you heard of the Dew Drops “Stoma Club”? View their transformation through these before and after photos!

Babies are given a stoma for a variety of congenital abnormalities including Spina bifida, anal atresia, and abnormalities of the bladder. Although stomas are usually temporary, these children need special care.  One area that is paid particular attention to is the child’s skin. Since the skin is not fully developed and stoma’s contain bodily waste, the skin is more susceptible to infection and therefore require extra care. To help with digestion, these children often need special formula. Currently, there are thirteen children in our “Stoma Club.”

The members of the “Stoma Club” not only need special care, they also need multiple surgeries. Although these surgeries and procedures are painful, they will help the children have a healthy future. These children were born with difficulties, but because of the timely nursing care at Dew Drops, they can have a new life!

Dear members of the Dew Drops “Stoma Club” – we have faith in you! You can push through and continue to grow stronger!



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  1. It is unbelievable how much Cheng and the others have changed since they came to you! Thank you all so very much for what you do!

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