Respiratory Care

Dew Drops Little Flower provides care to orphans with a variety of medical conditions. Many of these conditions affect the respiratory system. Some children are affected year-round but winter brings two additional challenges: cold and flu season and extra pollution. Both of these challenges can exacerbate a child’s respiratory symptoms.

One of the treatments that Dew Drops Little Flower is able to provide for the children that are struggling with chronic or acute respiratory issues is nebulization. Nebulizer treatments convert liquid medications to a fine mist that is then delivered through a mask held over the child’s nose and mouth. They inhale the mist into their lungs and the medication is able to take effect. Nebulization is used multiple times daily on multiple children at Dew Drops Little Flower for the delivery of corticosteroid medications that reduce irritation and swelling of the airways, bronchodilators that relax the tiny muscles in the airways and increase airflow to the lungs, and sometimes just for saline to try to moisten the airways and loosen respiratory secretions. Because Dew Drops Little Flower is able to provide this treatment to the children their chances of needing to be hospitalized are decreased and their respiratory symptoms can usually be managed from home.

There is equipment required to be able to provide this treatment for the children at Dew Drops Little Flower. The nebulizer machine itself is what actually converts the liquid medication to an inhalable mist. Tubing is needed to deliver the medication from the machine to the mask, masks are necessary to concentrate the medication to the nose and mouth so that the medication can make it to down the respiratory tract and lastly, the medication itself is needed and used daily. In hospitals in the US everything but the nebulizer machine is used for a single patient and then thrown out. At Little Flower projects we use the tubing and masks until they are no longer useable sterilizing them between each use. Even being as careful as we are, the equipment eventually breaks down.

Will you consider partnering with us to help us continue provide nebulizing equipment and medication treatment to the children at Dew Drops Little Flower? Babies like Mei and Yi who need their nebulizer treatments to stay healthy and strong thank you for your love and support!


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