Piggy back rides are the best!

What are some of your favorite memories growing up? Being cuddled, sung to, bed time stories, or playtime? We often think about our childhood days with fond memories with our family and friends.

Dew Drops provides specialized care to abandoned children. Most of the children in our care were abandoned because they were born with complex medical conditions and disabilities. Unfortunately, these children do not get the experience of having a loving family to play with them and care for them. This is why it is crucial for the Dew Drops nannies to engage with the children; providing a loving environment that allows the child to know they are treasured. We captured a small example of the beauty of our children and nanny relationships.

By chance our paths have crossed and we are so grateful for the joy and happiness you have provided us!

We get to eat, play, sing songs together and even get piggy back rides!

Piggy back rides are the best! Because of your support, the children at Dew Drops are loved and cherished and do not miss out on their childhood.

 Thank you for loving us!

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