It’s No Big Deal


It’s quite hot here in Beijing! Other than trying to stay cool, a lot of people think about losing weight during the summer months. There are plenty of ways one can lose weight – eat less, exercise, or simply not eat! Those who try the third option of not eating often find it very difficult. Did you know that there are some children that are born with intestinal issues where their intestines cannot process food or water the way they are supposed to? This means they have to be careful with what they eat. Actually, we currently have 11 children with gastrointestinal related issues. But there is a medical option for them.

With a colostomy the child can pass waste into a bag outside the body. Although the child might have a bag, they can crawl, sit, stand, walk and run just like other children. It is not always easy to take care of the skin surrounding the bag, but it is completely worth it, as it gives a child the chance to live!



After a few months, the child can have another surgery to close the anus and remove the bag. A lot of children even at Dew Drops have successfully had these surgeries. Hua Hua, one of the older boys who has had this surgery before, tells his younger sisters and brothers “in life we sometimes get an opportunity, we should take it! Although it might be strange having a bag around our belly, it is worth it.”

It’s no big deal! Multiple scars and surgeries are no big deal because living is better than anything!

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