So Much Happiness From Just An Apple!

Can one apple satisfy you? There are many kinds of apples available – green apples, red apples, yellow apples – all are delicious but can they bring you happiness? Obviously, we are simply talking about edible apples, not the famous Apple products that many can’t live without!

During snack time, all the children sit in their highchairs to eat various kinds of fruit puree. For the children that are still learning to use a spoon to feed themselves, it usually takes a little time for the nanny’s to work their way around the group and feed every child. So what should they do while they wait? Here we have a great opportunity to give the older children an activity that encourages the use of their fingers and also improves their chewing ability. Today, our helper snack is an “apple”. This apple is going to help the children develop their fine motor skills with their fingers and also foster friendship and joy among them. Don’t believe us, just look for yourself!

Te Te has already had successful surgery for his cleft lip and palate. He eats an apple with a big smile:

No longer needing a colostomy bag, Zong Zong shows off his apple eating skills:

Han has already had treatment for her arthrogryposis and is making great strides in her development. Look at her use her hands to grab these apple slices:

Sweet Hui doesn’t let her growth asymmetry get in her way of having some fun! This is how she eats an apple:

After 4 successful GI related surgeries, Zhen is a happy boy who shows us how he eats an apple today:

Yao has already had two surgeries to separate his fingers. Here he shows us his skill at eating an apple:

Xiu Xiu was successfully treated for an infection and now adorably eats an apple:

Even while the children show off their skills of feeding themselves, they don’t forget to share!

Little ones, how does a simple apple bring you so much joy and happiness? Is the apple really that delicious?!

The children’s satisfaction with merely an apple shows that they know how loved and cherished they are. Children that are loved, live in gratitude and satisfaction.

There are so many wonderful things in this world. What brings you satisfaction? May the children’s smiles bring you happiness and satisfaction today!

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