Meet Mei

Meet Mei! An almost three-year-old little girl who has overcome a lot of obstacles in her short life. Mei first came to Little Flower Projects when she was 11 months old. She arrived in a serious state of malnutrition weighing just 3.3 kg (7lbs) with a complicated heart defect, hiatal hernia and developmental delays. She spent several months putting on weight before having both of her surgeries in 2016.

Currently Mei does not need any other surgeries. She is on some medications to help her heart function and she is also on oxygen via a nasal cannula. Mei can roll over, sit up, scoot around the floor and reach for and play with toys. She is interactive with her caregivers, smiles and follows simple verbal instructions. She is still behind developmentally but Mei needs a forever family that will love and encourage her and provide her with the resources that will help her to excel. It is thought that with consistent therapy and involvement with other resources not available in China, Mei will be able to reach her full potential both physically and developmentally.

This sweet girl is a little shy initially but has an adorable smile and loves to cuddle once she warms up. She is very observant and is always watching what is going on around her. She likes to do things like look at books by herself but she also loves to engage with her caregivers and play games and sing songs. She does have her own opinions like any three-year-old and can be a little stubborn about things like keeping her oxygen in her nose.

Mei is considered a “waiting child” in China. Her file is currently on the China Shared list and an adoption agency is offering a grant towards her adoption fees.

Mei’s only hope is to be adopted. She needs a loving family that can see past her medical and developmental issues to the sweet, loving little girl who needs what every child deserves; a family to call her own. Interested families can put their agency in touch for more information on locating this child’s file at

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