Happy Father’s Day!

The children at Dew Drops were abandoned due to complex medical needs or other unknown reasons. With your love and support, Dew Drops is able to be a bridge of hope and love to these children.

For the new born babies, full time attentive caregivers meet their needs 24/7, ensuring that they grow stronger! As the children grow bigger with more emotional and developmental needs, they transition into a “family model of care.” In this model of care, they have a “mama and baba.” They have “siblings.” There are lots of positive effects of growing up within the family model of care.

Motherly love is often known for being great and selfless. Fatherly love is also steadfast and important. In the “family model of care” the Dew Drops father’s show their love and dedication by cooking healthy and delicious meals, by cleaning and doing housework, and by accompanying the children during play and study time.

A father’s love brings endless joy into the children’s lives.

In celebration of Father’s Day, the children at Dew Drops made presents for their fathers. They used their own ideas to express their love for the fathers in their drawings.

They also helped prepare a delicious feast for their fathers and gave their fathers a massage! It was a special day celebrating their special fathers!

Happy Father’s Day!

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