Want to learn more about what we do? Contact us to schedule a visit. We would be happy to show you around, introduce you to few of our kids and discuss ways for you to partner with us. Daily visiting hours are between 9:00-11:30 a.m. and 3:00- 5:00 p.m. To schedule a visit, please email

Visitor guidelines and form can be downloaded here.

We hope to see you soon and have you meet our children and staff here at Dew Drops!



There are many ways to help care for the orphans and sick children here at our home. Find the way that is best for you and take action today!

Are you interested in volunteering with us? If you are over 18 years old (or 16 + accompanied by a guardian), and have visited our program previously, we would love to have you on our team. Please contact us in advance to schedule your regular volunteer hours. We ask that volunteers commit to volunteering for a minimum of 6 months, at least 3 hours a week.We will arrange specific assignments for you to complete during your volunteer time such as reading to a child, singing songs with a child, etc.

You will need to fill out a volunteer application and provide us with a copy of your passport/ID card prior to volunteering. Volunteer application forms can be downloaded here.

Do you currently not live in China? Are you looking for a long term internship/volunteer opportunity? Are you interested in moving to China to volunteer with us? We do have a limited number of volunteer opportunities available for those who are able to make a one year (12 month) commitment. We specifically need individuals with medical, therapy or other professional skills and will help with housing and other logistics. Please contact us for more information.


Event Specific Volunteers

To help our caregivers give our children the emotional and social support to make them feel at home, we throw birthday and holiday celebrations and parties. If you would like to make a difference but do not have time to make a regular commitment, sign up to help with one of our events. You can choose to sponsor and organize one party, or volunteer to handle all events for a specific month.

This form of volunteering allows you to give the children a sense of love in a direct way.  Planning, purchasing a cake and food, and organizing decorations and cleanup is a meaningful and touching way to give to our children. Contact us to host a party or event at our Dew Drops home.


Be a Dew Drops Representative

Do you want to spread the word about Dew Drops? Help us fundraise? Become part of our team and partner with us as a Dew Drops Representative wherever you live! Click here to learn more.