Our most pressing needs are financial. However, we depend on our supporters to help supply certain items that are used in our projects. We keep two sets of lists – local and abroad.

Although we welcome packages sent internationally, the high cost of shipping and strict customs regulations make this a less convenient option.  If you wish to send a package internationally please contact us for details on filling the customs form correctly and which shipping address to use. Below is our current needs list for donors from abroad:

Item Brand/Model/Size Requirements Like this:
Similac infant nipple/ring Similac Case of 50, infant size Similac infant nipple/ring
Similac preemie nipple/ring Similac Case of 50, preemie size Similac preemie nipple/ring
Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron Enfamil with iron Poly-Vi-Sol
Hand Sanitizer Any brand Gel Hand Sanitizer
Skin barrier wipes Skin barrier wipes
Preemie pacifiers Any brand Preemie size Preemie pacifiers
Flannel receiving blankets Any color or size
Cleft Nipples Pigeon Cleft Nipples
Cleft bottle/nipples Pigeon Cleft nipple w/bottle Cleft bottle/nipples
Spoon feeder Pigeon Spoon feeder bottle Spoon feeder
Preemie size diapers Huggies, Pampers, etc. Preemie size only Preemie diapers
Preemie hats Preemie size only Preemie hats
Preemie clothing any brand, size, gender, season Preemie clothing
Neosporin or generic equivalent Neosporin
Infant Tylenol drops or generic equivalent
Infant Motrin drops or generic equivalent
Triple antibiotic ointment or generic equivalent Antibiotic Ointment
Non-woven gauze Gauze
Vaseline/ Petroleum dressing or generic equivalent Vaseline
Infant/Toddler socks Infant and toddler size


Below is our current needs list for donors living locally in China:

Item Requirements Like this
Yashily Formula I and II Formula I and II  Yashily
Plain rice cereal  For 6 months and older
Nestle Milk Powder
Nestle PreNAN, milk power for preemies For Preemies
Abbott PediaSure Complete milk powder  PediaSure
Neocate milk powder http://ewqcxz.com/h.ZeVyxk?cv=AAGGXHU A&sm=fcbdf2
Colostomy bag http://item.jd.com/1103645264.html
Coloplast Skin barrier film http://item.jd.com/1102664873.html Need 100 pieces every 2/3 months


Daily Consumables:

Item Requirements
Towels (small) Any brand, any amount
Toilet paper Any brand, any amount
Hand soap Any brand, any amount
Clothes washing powder Any brand, any amount
Dish detergent Any brand, any amount
Paper Towel Any brand, any amount
Wet wipes Any brand, any amount
Children’s shampoo , body wash Any brand, any amount
rice, wheat flour, cooking oil, eggs, meat etc. Any brand, any amount

Thank you for your support!