We offer tours of our home to show what it is like for us to care for our children and to answer questions. If you are in the Beijing area and want to make a visit to the Dew Drops home, click here.


Interested in helping care for our kids at Dew Drops? There are many areas where we could use your assistance. Learn how to take action in China or wherever you are by clicking here.

Be a Monthly Child Sponsor

We provide essential food, shelter, and care for our kids as well as covering their medical bills. Monthly supporters big and small allow us to give full 24/7 care to our babies, toddlers and children. To learn more on how to sponsor a child monthly, click here.

Current Needs

Donate items or money to buy particular medical equipment and other supplies by checking our Current Needs list here.

Special Projects

We often need to repair our buildings or update equipment to make sure our facilities are capable of housing babies and small children. To help make a long term investment in Dew Drops, contact us to find out our current special project needs.

Be a Dew Drops Representative

Spread the word about Dew Drops and make a difference for our children by being a Dew Drops Representative wherever you are. Fundraise and raise awareness in your hometown, or travel around your region or country to hold events to support our care for orphans and other sick children. Find out more about this unique and powerful way to help by seeing our Dew Drops Representative Page here.


If you want to give a single sum now or make a continued pledge to fund our efforts to help and heal these children, click here.