Dew Drops Family Support Project works with children from disadvantaged families (targeting rural areas) who need medical care. In addition to specialized care, we also focus on educating families and advocating for them as they seek the best medical treatment for their child. These families will benefit from financial, emotional and medical support in caring for their child during treatment, as well as ongoing support after they return home. The ultimate aim is to reduce abandonment through the provision of these services.

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Meet some of the families:

 2018 Family Support Project

Ai Yu

Little Yu was born with a threatening birth defect – esophageal atresia. Her parents have brought her to Beijing for further check ups.

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2017 Family Support Project

Zi Rui

Little Rui was a healthy little boy until he suffered a vaccine injury when he was 6 months old.

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Ran & En

Three month old Ran is a prematurely born girl from Yunnan province.

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Li Pei

Pei is a 16 year old girl receiving treatment for a burn injury.

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Ping An

Little Ping An was born with a number of ENT problems and struggled in the NICU

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Fang Lei

Newborn Lei from Shandong province was born prematurely and diagnosed with hydrocephalus and vision impairment.

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Guan Nan

4 year old Nan from Shanxi province is one of our new arrivals at our Family Support unit.

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Yu Han

Han is an eight month old girl who was born with hydrocephalus. In April she had surgery.

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Yu Tong

Little Tong has been diagnosed with a genetic metabolic disorder and is only expected to live another two years.

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Jin Gang

Gang is a five year old boy who first came to our Family Support Project in June 2016.

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Four year old Xiang is another child we have supported this year.

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Zi Yi

Yi and her parents have been receiving support from us since May 2017. Yi has a diagnosis of cerebellar hypoplasia.

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Jia Xu

Four year old Xu first came to our Family Support project in August 2017.

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