Expanding to Inner Mongolia!

This year, we launched two new baby homes outside of Beijing that provide long-term, specialized care to abandoned children. Beijing is still the center of everything, and through our Beijing home we are able to provide world class medical care and surgeries to our children. After the children have surgeries and are stable to travel, they move to our Inner Mongolia or Shanxi homes for long-term care. These programs are hosted inside of official state-run orphanages and represent a big step forward as the local authorities affirm our model of care.

Today, we take a closer look at our Inner Mongolia baby home. Mrs. Qin, or Qin Jie (sister Qin) as we call her, is the project manager at our Inner Mongolia home. She joined our team earlier this year after retiring from her previous job at the same orphanage. She actually worked there for more than eleven years. It is pretty impressive to choose to continue to work with orphan children even after you are supposed to retire. Her passion and dedication for these precious children is priceless.

We currently have 23 children in our home in Inner Mongolia ranging from a two day old baby boy to an eight-year-old girl. The kids have a variety of medical needs including cerebral palsy, heart defects, anal atresia, and spina bifida. Meet some of our new arrivals:

Would you like to invest in one of our children living in the Inner Mongolia Dew Drops home? Please consider sponsoring a child today. Your monthly donation will help cover basic living expenses and provide a future to the precious children at Dew Drops. You can sign up to become a monthly sponsor on our website here.

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