Dragon Boat Festival!

Dragon Boat Festival is quickly approaching on June 14th. So this week we have started celebrating and preparing for the festivities. Can you guess how we are celebrating?

Making and eating homemade sticky rice dumplings (zongzi) of course is on our list! Turns out it’s a lot of fun wrapping the leaf around the stuffing. For the little ones who had a hard time holding the zongzi together, their “foster” dad or an older “brother” helped out. Making these zongzis was a family event!

We also made our own dragon boats for the big race! Now, you might be wondering, how did we, a group of young children participate in a dragon boat race? It was easy! We raced each other around our playground! Under the supervision of our teacher, we had a lot of fun cutting out cardboard into a boat shape, painting the boats bright colors, and finally racing!

What a wonderful way to celebrate this holiday!

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