Celebrating Laba Jie

This year, 腊八节 làbā jié (Laba Festival) falls on January 20th. With restrictions on large gatherings a lot of festivities have been cancelled this year. But lucky for us, we can still celebrate the Laba Festival safely inside our Dew Drops homes!

So how does one celebrate Laba Festival? We eat Laba porridge – a slightly modified version of eight treasure porridge (八宝粥 bābǎozhōu). This porridge consists of a mixture of different types of rice, beans, nuts, and fruit. Sit back and let the children show you how to make this delicious porridge.

First, the children examined the mixture of the various eight treasures that would be in their porridge. They learned the names of the different rice and beans. They tasted some of the nuts and fruits before it was cooked. And they noticed the various colors of the ingredients.

Second, the children helped carry the big bowl of uncooked porridge to the kitchen. Then, while the caregivers cooked this porridge, the children learned a special song.

Finally, the porridge was cooked and it was time to taste it!

Happy Laba Festival, friends!

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