Meet Mei

Mei is considered a “waiting child” in China. She needs a loving family that can see past her medical and developmental issues to the sweet, loving little girl who needs what every child deserves; a family to call her own.

Our Butterfly Baby

After 5 months of preparation, the day has finally come. Today, we are tackling this challenging situation head on and giving this boy a chance to live.

Qi’s Transformation

Our volunteer physical therapist, April, has helped many children in our program catch up on their physical and developmental milestones. In this post, she shares of a recent transformation she witnessed in one of our newer babies, Qi. Transformation. It is one of the things that continues to draw me to orphan work.  I never […]

Scars Run Deep

Many of the children in our program have physical scars. And for many of these children, their scars represent one or more life-saving surgeries.


We believe that it is very important for the children in our care to grow up in an environment that emulates a family.