Outdoor Adventures!

For the children at Dew Drops Little Flower, spring also means one more thing….it is finally warm enough so go outside! After months of eagerly looking out the window and asking if they can go out to play, it’s finally time!

Meet Ping!

Ping is a very special one-year-old little boy who has overcome a lot of obstacles in his short life and captured many hearts along the way.

I Have You

In China it’s said that on average in one life you will meet over 80,000 people. So we each have the possibility to impact 80,000 people! Join us in making change!

Fundraising Success!

It is always a joy when supporters from around the world join us in raising funds to directly benefit the children at Dew Drops Little Flower. Every donation counts towards making a difference in the lives of the 71 children in our homes. We don’t always know about the fundraising efforts happening around the world, […]