Scars Run Deep

Many of the children in our program have physical scars. And for many of these children, their scars represent one or more life-saving surgeries.


We believe that it is very important for the children in our care to grow up in an environment that emulates a family.

Respiratory Care

One of the treatments that Dew Drops Little Flower is able to provide for the children that are struggling with chronic or acute respiratory issues is nebulization.

The Holiday Pounds!

The Spring Festival holiday has ended and what’s the most common thing posted on your friends WeChat walls? “Why did I eat so much over the holidays?”

Dearest Dew Drops Caregivers

Although the children at Dew Drops currently cannot experience the love of a mother, they are not alone. Instead they are filled with your love. Here is a tribute to all of our wonderful caregivers:

Zhan: A Miracle

In January 2017, Zhan was found in a “baby hatch” just a few days old. He was quickly diagnosed with TE fistula and esophageal atresia. This means that his esophagus was not connected to his stomach and that there was an abnormal connection between his trachea and esophagus. Both these conditions required immediate intervention. Zhan’s home […]