Rethinking Life with Down syndrome

Tian Ci is a three year old boy with Down syndrome. Some people believe that children with Down syndrome are the happiest kids because their world is very simple. However, you will be surprised to see how busy Tian Ci keeps himself. Today you can enter Tian Ci’s little world. Oh, a jigsaw puzzle!  The […]

A home for 21 special children

It is often believed that once you have children your home is never the same. The reality of parenting is both joy and hard work.  What kind of a “home” is Dew Drops Little Flower to the 21 children that live in it? Can you imagine it? Let me introduce you to our home. This […]

New friends have arrived!

Dew Drops Little Flower now has 14 children in total. Two of them – Yuan and Qiao – are currently in the hospital receiving treatment. Little Yuan Yu went for a checkup for an infected abscess. Little Qiao just completed her first surgery but is still in critical condition.  Our thoughts and prayers are with […]

Little Qiao is one month old!

In China, it is a big day for a baby to complete its first month of life. When a newborn baby is one month old, the whole family will celebrate this day. Even though we can’t celebrate little Qiao’s one month day, Dew Drops project director Lily went to see her in the hospital. Little […]

Thank you because you love me!

As you are probably aware, Dew Drops is growing day by day.  We now have 9 children in our home. Today, we want to show you our Dew Drops home. Below are some before and after pictures that capture the recent changes. Indoor playing area:     Classroom:      Baby room:     Cribs: […]

New arrivals at Dew Drops

Hello! We are the eight new children at Dew Drops. We were all born with medical conditions that need special care. We are from different cities but we have one thing in common – we are Dew Drops!  

There can be miracles when you believe

On June 8th, one day before the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat holiday, when most people are busy planning how to celebrate the holiday, Dew Drops Little Flower received a phone call from Love Without Boundaries with a special request. A beautiful, 25 day old little girl, Qiao, diagnosed with a complex congenital heart disease needed […]