Welcome to the “Smile Store”

Today, the OCF Dew Drops Little Flower babies had a group meeting and decided to open a “Smile Store”. Our Smile Store will provide plenty of laughter and smiles to show you how much we appreciate your love. Are you ready to have a look at our Smile Store?

A Special Thanks to the Students from Lifeworks International!

What happens when you put nine high school students together with twenty seven abandoned babies? The answer is simple, love. This past month, we were privileged to host a group of outstanding students through Lifeworks International. Some of them had interacted with tiny babies before and some had no experience. But they were all willing to learn and […]

It’s time to pull the turnips out!

Everyone dreams of a world with beautiful spring flowers and the joy of a fall harvest. Dew Drops is located in the suburbs of Beijing with farms surrounding it. Here, there are flowers, plants, vegetables and a group of abandoned children who are taken care of by hardworking nannies and foster moms. It is raining lightly […]

Love me and I will grow big!

A premature baby is born too early, usually before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Typically, the baby’s birth weight is under 2500 g (5.5 lbs). They need special medical care and feeding care as they are very fragile. The Dew Drops Little Flower team has many years of experience caring for premature babies and babies with low birth weight. We have cared for some babies that weighed less than 1000 grams (2.2 lbs).  Little Nathan weighed just 930 […]

Its Show Time!

Dew Drops Little Flower presents “A Talent Show” Currently, there are 27 special infants in our Dew Drops Little Flower home. These kids have different kinds of medical issues and were all abandoned. It is our honor to partner with local orphanages to take care of these little angels. They grow and thrive because of […]


Sharing is an important attribute to learn. Some people say “sharing brings great love. People who share are the ones who live a good life.” Others believe that “sharing is magical. It increases your happiness and decreases the sadness in your life.”Today, let me show you how Dew Drops Little Flower toddlers are learning to […]

Rethinking Life with Down syndrome

Tian Ci is a three year old boy with Down syndrome. Some people believe that children with Down syndrome are the happiest kids because their world is very simple. However, you will be surprised to see how busy Tian Ci keeps himself. Today you can enter Tian Ci’s little world. Oh, a jigsaw puzzle!  The […]

A home for 21 special children

It is often believed that once you have children your home is never the same. The reality of parenting is both joy and hard work.  What kind of a “home” is Dew Drops Little Flower to the 21 children that live in it? Can you imagine it? Let me introduce you to our home. This […]

New friends have arrived!

Dew Drops Little Flower now has 14 children in total. Two of them – Yuan and Qiao – are currently in the hospital receiving treatment. Little Yuan Yu went for a checkup for an infected abscess. Little Qiao just completed her first surgery but is still in critical condition.  Our thoughts and prayers are with […]