Best Way to Remain Cool – a Duduo!

Even with all these modern technologies sometimes it’s best to bring back ancient traditions. Today, the children at Dew Drops who have been abandoned and have congenital defects are going to show you how to remain cool by wearing a Duduo (a light backless halter top).

Meet Bei

Bei is a 3-year-old who has been with us for a few months now, receiving casting for his bilateral club feet. When Bei first arrived at Dew Drops we were impressed by his determination.

It’s No Big Deal

Did you know that there are some children that are born with intestinal issues where their intestines cannot process food or water the way they are supposed to? Actually, we currently have 11 children with gastrointestinal related issues.

Meet Zhong

As a Pediatric physiotherapist from Canada, I often work with children with Cerebral Palsy.  What I first noticed about Zhong when I met him were his bright eyes, big smile, and loud voice calling me to “come here”!

Meet Xuan

Many children will happily participate in their physical therapy when motivated by games or other fun activities, but few possess an internal drive to work hard without the external rewards.  Xuan is one such 6 six year old, with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, who, every morning asks me first thing for “KangFu” (therapy).