Happy Father’s Day!

The children at Dew Drops were abandoned due to complex medical needs or other unknown reasons. With your love and support, Dew Drops is able to be a bridge of hope and love to these children. For the new born babies, full time attentive caregivers meet their needs 24/7, ensuring that they grow stronger! As […]

Dragon Boat Festival!

Dragon Boat Festival is quickly approaching on June 14th. So this week we have started celebrating and preparing for the festivities. Can you guess how we are celebrating? Making and eating homemade sticky rice dumplings (zongzi) of course is on our list! Turns out it’s a lot of fun wrapping the leaf around the stuffing. […]

The Great Baby Bake Off!

What do you get when you have a group of adorable little chefs, some flour, almonds, eggs, and an oven….the perfect ingredients for a baby bake off! First, you have to find some volunteers to measure the ingredients accurately and put them all into a big mixing bowl. You also have to crush the almonds, […]

Celebrating Laba Jie

This year, 腊八节 làbā jié (Laba Festival) falls on January 20th. With restrictions on large gatherings a lot of festivities have been cancelled this year. But lucky for us, we can still celebrate the Laba Festival safely inside our Dew Drops homes! So how does one celebrate Laba Festival? We eat Laba porridge – a slightly modified […]

Stories of Hope in 2020

We ended the year by sharing some Stories of Hope on our social media accounts. We can all do with an extra dose of hope to get us through these unprecedented challenges. These stories remind us of why we say “Yes” to the most fragile and vulnerable children.

Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of the year when we gather around the Christmas tree to celebrate together the joy of Christmas. This year has been long and hard for many reasons but we are still grateful for all the stories of hope we have been part of. Thank you for your support in providing love and […]

Qin Mama – A Guardian Angel for Abandoned Children

Qin Mama is a name that is very familiar within an orphanage in Northern China. From children in their twenties to younger toddlers who are just starting to say some words, everyone knows Qin Mama and everyone likes to be by her side. Qin Mama’s full name is Qin Fengyun (秦风云). She once told me […]

A Day on the Playground

As the hot summer days slowly leave us for cooler fall temperatures, the days we can go outside to play for hours are also slowly coming to an end. So, we are soaking up as much sun and fun as we can!   The classic slide is a sure crowd-pleaser! Xin guarded the slide ensuring […]