A Mother’s Love Bound Not by Blood

We often read of reports of mothers displaying extraordinary strength – for example, when a petite woman pushes away an oncoming vehicle before it runs over her child, or a mother carrying her child with a heavy bag on her back and arms laden with things.  These images encapsulate the old saying- becoming a mother […]

Blessing the Caregivers

2021 is quickly coming to an end. It has been a year filled with unexpected challenges – an ongoing pandemic, multiple lockdowns, border closures – that have directly impacted the children at Dew Drops Little Flower. One thing that has been consistent through this difficult time is our caregivers. Every day, without fail, they show […]

First Snow!

Last weekend, the temperatures dropped, and we had our first snow of the year! There is something magical about the first snowfall. It snowed across northern China and so all three of our homes got snow. We dressed up in warm clothes and had a wonderful time exploring. We jumped, sat, rolled around. And of […]


It’s almost Mid-Autumn Festival (this year the holiday falls on September 21)! In addition to appreciating the bright, full moon, mooncakes are also a must to celebrate this holiday! So this week, we have been making mooncakes – it’s a great activity to get everyone involved, teach about the holiday’s history, and of course, finally […]

Summer Treats!

This week’s cooking class menu was a special summer treat…banana “popsicles”! Follow these steps for a fun afternoon together! Step 1 – Visit some sunflowers together. Let the children touch and smell the sunflowers, leaves, and stalks. Step 2 – Return back home, wash hands, and set up space to start cooking. Give each child […]


For cooking class this week, we made noodles! First, we made the dough and rolled it out. Then, we cut the noodles into long strips. Next, it was time to cook the noodles in a pot of boiling water. Each child carefully placed their noodles into the water, under the supervision of their caregiver. Once […]

Walks with the Toddlers

One of our favorite activities with the toddlers in Miao Miao Room is to go for walks. There are currently 8 children in this room, all between the ages of 2 and 3 years old. At this stage of development, they have a lot of energy and curiosity, so being outdoors with plenty of space […]

Happy Father’s Day!

The children at Dew Drops were abandoned due to complex medical needs or other unknown reasons. With your love and support, Dew Drops is able to be a bridge of hope and love to these children. For the new born babies, full time attentive caregivers meet their needs 24/7, ensuring that they grow stronger! As […]