Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Xia has been with Dew Drops Little Flower since she was just 2 weeks old. She was a tiny little baby that was born with and likely abandoned because she has arthrogryposis. Arthrogryposis is just a fancy word meaning that Xia was born with reduced mobility of several of her joints due to contractures which is the shortening and tightening of tendons and muscles.

The Stoma Club

Throughout life, there are many different opportunities to join clubs to participate in activities that you enjoy. Clubs are also an outlet for socialization with people of similar interests. For example, there are badminton clubs, book clubs, knitting clubs and cooking clubs. But have you heard of the Dew Drops “Stoma Club”?

DIY Halloween Preparation

Halloween is a holiday filled with tradition and spirit. Commercially celebrated in America, it takes on different forms in many other countries and religions. With many foreign volunteers from America going in and out of Dew Drops, we thought it would be a fun idea to celebrate our Halloween traditions in the hospital as part […]

Rainbow Leaves: An Autumn Activity

The air is starting to feel very crisp in Beijing and it is clear that Autumn has come. We have been lucky to have a few brisk yet beautiful days. With this shift in the weather, the leaves have changed colors and fallen off the trees- a perfect recipe for our seasonal craft! During our […]

Bei’s big transition!

Throughout the course of each child’s Dew Drops Little Flower experience, they are bound to travel with us. Many times this is to transfer a child to or from our long-term locations (Inner Mongolia and Shanxi) to Beijing.

A Day in the Life: Inner Mongolia

Currently we have 7 older children, ranging from 3-9 years old, in our mom-care-model in Inner Mongolia.  Three nannies by day and two by night provide amazing, around the clock, mother-like care to these children with special needs.

The Railway of Life

In today’s China, high-speed rails and bullet trains are becoming ever ubiquitous. The old “green carriage” trains, on the other hand, are slowly fading from the collective consciousness.