The Railway of Life

In today’s China, high-speed rails and bullet trains are becoming ever ubiquitous. The old “green carriage” trains, on the other hand, are slowly fading from the collective consciousness.

Expanding to Inner Mongolia!

This year, we launched two new baby homes outside of Beijing that provide long-term, specialized care to abandoned children. Beijing is still the center of everything, and through our Beijing home we are able to provide world class medical care and surgeries to our children.

Let’s Share a Good Time Together!

Last week we launched a new outreach program through our Family Support unit, working with Jingdu Hospital in Beijing.  Jingdu Hospital is a large children’s hospital that includes one of the most well respected pediatric burn units in China. 

Will You Love Me Again?

We have a few children who already had one or two surgeries before being abandoned. These babies were cared for by their family and ultimately were given up when the family had no other method for providing continuous medical care.