Benefits of Physical Therapy

During the month of July, we were fortunate to host two previous volunteers, April and Claire, once again. April is a physical therapist based in Chicago, USA and Claire is a physical therapist based in Toronto, Canada. We knew with both their vast experiences and knowledge, this short trip would be immensely beneficial for all the children and caregivers at the Dew Drops Little Flower homes. And, we were right!

Since April and Claire both had previously volunteered with us, they knew some of the children and were greeted enthusiastically when they arrived.  They were amazed by these children’s growth and progress since their last visits.

After spending some time meeting the nannies and children, April and Claire started their one-on-one consults with specific children. After an assessment of the child’s current levels, they identified some goals for each child to assist with their development. They gave us some practical suggestions for each child based on the child’s needs. Some examples included better feeding positions and further promotion of mobility and function.

Some of the children, April and Claire worked with included You, Yue, Hang, and Yan.

We are so thankful for these two amazing volunteers and all the time, energy and love they have shared with us. We already see the benefits of their time with us and can’t wait to see them again!

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