An Atmosphere of Learning!

In our Dew Drops homes, we try our best to allow the children to have access to toys that meet their developmental needs. In Inner Mongolia, our older children have a variety of toys that entertain and educate them. Pairing several educational toys with trained caregivers promotes an environment where each child is continuously learning.

Jie, Fei and Yi love playing with puzzles and learning their shapes and colors. While matching the puzzle piece to its correct spot, they also develop their hand-eye coordination. This is really important for Fei who has cerebral palsy and has a difficult time controlling his movements.

Bei enjoys stringing wooden beads on to a shoelace. With this activity, he is also developing his fine motor skills and learning how to count. Bei is a focused little guy and stays very busy in this task!

The older children recently started having a variety of cooking classes as well! They have made dumplings, cookies and other small treats. In these classes they learn how to work together as a team, listen closely to the caregiver who is teaching them and take pride in their finished product! Many times the two oldest will lead their younger “siblings” in song while they all sit around the table!

A favorite activity amongst all children of all ages is playing with bubbles! It is so fun to watch the reactions of each child. Some of them prefer blowing in the wand to make the bubbles, while some find joy watching them float away. The more mobile children love to race after the bubbles, clapping to pop them!

We love finding new way to create unique and fun experiences for each child in our program. By doing this we know we are helping them grow in both their development and creativity!

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