A Trip to the Market!

This month we launched a new activity called 长见识broaden one’s horizons. The goal is quite simple. It is to expand the children’s experiences and knowledge by taking a small group of children outside for an excursion.

Today’s excursion was to the local market. We took 7 children on this trip – most of them are currently in first or second grade with one girl in kindergarten.

This group of adventurers took the public bus from the orphanage to the local market. They put their own coin into the money slot when they got on the bus. Such a simple task, brought them so much joy!

At the market, their first stop was buying some strawberries!

They then were drawn to the person selling seafood and chickens! Their caregivers explained to them what each item in every container was.

After exploring the market, they made their way to an indoor mall and played some games!

To finish their excursion, they had lunch before heading back home on the bus.

The bus trip home was as exciting as the trip going to the market because this time they were carrying everything they purchased with them and they were excited to tell their friends back home about what they bought and saw!

After a fun morning, the walk from the bus stop to the orphanage was just too long for the youngest child! Luckily for her, her mama happily carried her the rest of the way.

What a wonderful day they spent together, broadening their horizons.

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