12 Steps to Bigger Opportunities

After lunch, while the other children are napping, these three kids practice their walking. They walk quickly down the corridor with a big smile on their face. Walking may seem like no big feat, but these three joyful faces show much excitement and accomplishment.

They reach the corner and stumble upon a flight of stairs.

Putting their walkers to the side, here is the story of 2 children and their therapist walking into the rest of their life.

They start the game of walking up and down the flight of stairs. To most people, we don’t even stop to think before climbing stairs, it comes naturally. But to these children, each step is a precise calculation of how much weight, what muscles to use and where exactly to step with the right posture.

This is a tiring process, but these children do not give up. They can face frustrations but with continuous effort, they grow more and more proud of their accomplishment!

Maybe they are unable to move easily and gracefully, but their effort and outcomes bring them pure joy.

12 steps to bigger opportunities. If we believe in and love each child, then they will look positively upon themselves.


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